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hello the name is karma (not my real name though) and i enjoyed doodling, drawing and animating sometimes.

22, Female

artist and animator

graduated high school

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Posted by Karmaluck - March 1st, 2018

i actually don't know if i'm suppose to be surprise or not about the wacom price getting higher than ever. then again there was a reason why i got the yiynova since this one is less expensive. despite of it flaws at least it work more than the wacom along of knowing how to fix the connection of it whenever my damn fucking laptop upgrade it and think that just how it work to do so. i swear they get on my nerve whenever they do that. 

still i do suggest others to at least go other companies, even if one would say shit about the companies. if you do have any trouble toward the companies, do give them a head up of what is wrong with the product and what could be fix. though don't say the same thing that others would say as i already heard enough. the whole pen battery along with other repeated thing. it not going to fix fast as it take times. 

the people of the company will listen and take the notes what is the problem with what you're having.


Posted by Karmaluck - February 26th, 2018

welp glad to know i got the toon boom harmony essential along with knowing how to use krita export animation. which i am embarrase to say what i have missed over the time. still getting used to the fact how things are right now. i been thinking how i should let others knows about the doodles as well since i been thinking about it. 

Posted by Karmaluck - May 8th, 2017

you know, there are times that i wonder how some people do it to get so many commission just to get paid, i shouldn't be mad or sad about it but i always wonder about this sometimes. even knowing how they able to get paid in redbubble. i do admit i envy them for having such ways to earn money any time.
    i know i have to be patience but somehow i started to have doubt that i actually needed to search a job and actually avoid this situation cause out of topic, my dad want me to move to mexico to communicate which doesn't help at all. did he fucking forget or something that i don't do much talk. anyways the other reason is that i want to save money to get the toon boom harmony essential